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Detail shots for creative Challenge. Things took a lot longer that I expected and I felt very tired after work so I had to cut my idea down a lot. I’ll probably continuing making Mr. Krampus’s companions though. For example the doll was suppose to have a melted candle on her head. It was my first time sculpting food so I had a fun time making satanic/cadaver/bloody cookies!

 I like frogs too much.

 I like frogs too much.


cat comic

(I was talking to cat and got slightly emotional but then I looked at him and he clearly had no idea where I was coming from. In a funny way altruism is a weird kind of selfishness; it’s true that your happiness comes from others’ perceived happiness, but you’re still doing it because it makes you happy)

Oh how I love lalage’s work!

I really hate house finding. Especially in NY. Especially if you don’t have a house searching buddy. T______T

Work is sometimes tiring, stressful but the people are nice. Also, I make enough money to cover my rent, transportation food and splurge on an occasional art supply (^ - ^)/. New York is a very inspiring place.  Life is good so far, but I’d like to get a job in the future with actually building something or something to do with miniatures. The above are WIPS for a rather large and detailed image I have in mind. This is only the beginning stage of it. It looks normal right now but will be rather surreal looking later.

Old Stuff. Will attempt to re-sculpt the Dino cause I messed up the coloring.